The 12th Annual CWF Rumble starts with entry numbers 1 & 2 in the ring.  Afterwards a new participant is added to the bout every minute until all thirty participants have entered the ring.  Wrestlers can be eliminated at any time from the match via over-the-top-rope and touching the floor.  The last wrestler remaining wins the Rumble and a title shot of their choice in the future.

We are extremely excited to be joining the budding iPPV business as CWF Mid-Atlantic presents the 12th Annual CWF Rumble LIVE on the Internet! Join us LIVE October 20th on CWF247.COM or PWIPRO.COM at 7:30 PM for this once in a lifetime event. We have been looking to branch out into Internet pay-per-view for some time and feel that there is no better first event to launch with than the always exciting, always dramatic, always unforgettable CWF Rumble!

For 11 years now CWF Mid-Atlantic has presented the action packed, unpredictable 30 Person Over the Top Rope Rumble Match. It has become the annual supercard of the fall and this year’s promises to be the biggest in CWF history!

View our News Posts for complete details on the participants of the CWF Rumble and the other bouts scheduled for October, 20th!

We will be announcing more names for the 12th Annual CWF Rumble NEXT week so make sure to stay connected with us on Twitter (@cwfmidatlantic)!

The official participants in the 12th Annual CWF Rumble will include:

  • Chris Lea
  • Mecha Mercenary
  • Cecil Scott
  • Kellie Skater
  • Chet Sterling
  • Matty D Nero
  • Kamakazi Kid
  • Ben Tyler
  • Trevor Lee
  • Nick Richards
  • Mark James
  • Marcellus King
  • Ric Converse
  • Amber O’Neal
  • Freight Train
  • Walter Eaton
  • Roy Wilkins
  • Michael McAllister
  • Jesse Ortega
  • Jason Miller
  • Chase Dakota
  • Joe Black
  • Solomon Spades
  • Donnie Dollars
  • Matt Smith

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