CWF Rumble 2012 – Five New Entrants Announced!

On Monday September 10th the first FIVE confirmed names for the 30 Person Rumble Match were announced as: Aftermath “apprentice” CHET STERLING, recent CWF dojo graduate CHRIS LEA, “Surly” CECIL SCOTT, the monstrous MECHA MERCENARY and female wrestling star KELLIE SKATER.

On Monday September 17th the next five confirmed names for the Rumble Match were announced as: KAMAKAZI KID, NICK RICHARDS, MATTY DE NERO, TREVOR LEE and BEN TYLER.

Kazi is one of CWF’s most decorated longtime stars, having held nearly every championship under the CWF banner. But a Rumble win is one thing that’s eluded the daredevil Kamakazi Kid for all these years. And if the 400 pound Mecha Mercenary has anything to say about it, this won’t be Kazi’s year either. Immediately after the announcement of Kazi as a confirmed Rumble participant, the bionic behemoth proclaimed intentions to not just throw Kazi over the top rope and eliminate him, but break his back in the process!

Fatback’s Nick Richards has been struggling lately. He put on a great showing in the Weaver Cup Tournament but came up short. He took Mid-Atlantic Champion Ray Kandrack to the limit but came up short. A Rumble win would break Richards out from the pack of rising stars and solidify him as a top dog in the Mid-Atlantic. Perhaps he could take a cue from his partner in Fatback Matty de Nero, who won this very Rumble match back in 2007. De Nero is a resilient fighter and a proven survivor and if the luck of the draw is kind to him you never know what could happen.

Then there’s Trevor Lee and Ben Tyler, the Aftermath’s Fun Athletic Guys. Mandated by William Cross to prove themselves worthy of the Aftermath name, one has to believe that no matter where they stand with Cross by the time October 20th rolls around that either would be welcomed back with open arms if they were the last man standing in this year’s Rumble Match.

We will be announcing more names for the 12th Annual CWF Rumble NEXT week so make sure to stay connected with us on twitter @cwfmidatlantic

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